Prince Harry’s accusation: “Fortnite is not suitable for children”

Prince Harry invited to an event at a school in Brighton has warned parents and children from the excessive use of the famous video game Fortnite

After the first months of unconditional success, now there are many who have doubts about the actual danger of the video game Fortnite for adults and children. The game is addictive and has already caused problems at school and even divorces around the world.

During a meeting with a group of young students in an elementary school in Brighton, Prince Harry attacked the famous survival game.

The brother of Britain's Crown Prince admitted that he has never played the game and does not know it thoroughly, but warned parents who leave their children alone to play it. There are many cases in the United Kingdom of children even younger than 12 years, which is the minimum age limit imposed by Epic Games for the game, who have had problems at school or in the family because of addiction to the video game Fortnite. That's why Harry advised British parents against letting their children play Epic Games' video game on their consoles or smartphones. Not only to children under the age of 12, but to all teenagers in general.

Fortnite and the many cases of addiction

This is not the first time in the UK that people are trying to bring attention to the learning issues for younger people related to video game addiction. Harry himself has been very concerned about the negative effect games have on the younger generation. However, according to Harry, the problem is not with the video games but with the parents. With the fact that video games make little ones stay calm many fathers and mothers leave their children in front of a screen to play for too long. Addictions begin this way. Then the child spending too much time in a virtual context does not have the basis to be able to distinguish the difference between the game and reality. That's why it would be necessary for every parent to spend all the time with their child when they play video games, also to help them understand that it is a fiction. Also because games like Fortnite deal with sensitive issues, such as death, killing, weapons, gambling given the rewards of prizes or in-app purchases. In short, it's better not to let our son play Fortnite alone and not to let him play for too long a day.