IOS 13, new Apple device appears in beta

The iOS 13 beta leaks information about a new Apple device. It's a tracker associated with the Find My app. Here's how it will work

The news about iOS 13 are many, among them there is one that concerns a new device that will be released probably in early September, when the Cupertino company should launch the new iPhone XI 2019. The new device should be called Apple Tag and, as the name suggests, it should be the bitten apple version of Tile's Bluetooth tracker.

The clue comes from the beta of iOS 13, the new iPhone operating system presented during the first day of WWDC 2019. Poking around in the OS source code, in fact, it was discovered that the new Find My app, which combines "Find My iPhone" and "Find My Friends" into one, would contain the instructions needed to track buttons with Bluetooth. The codename of the new device should be B389 and, as mentioned, it would resemble the Tile trackers, which allow you to find any lost personal effects.

The new device released with iOS 13: here's what it will look like

As anticipated, everything stems from the intention to merge two successful apps: Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. The new app will be called Find My and will help Apple users in many ways. For example, it will be possible to find a Mac even if it is offline, thanks to the Bluetooh that will allow to find any product in the vicinity.

And, in conjunction with the launch of the operating system (scheduled for September-October) should also arrive Apple's Bluetooth tracker. Communications exchanged between the app and the hardware will be shared thanks to end-to-end encryption, and will be totally anonymous and secure. Not even Apple will know the location of the reported device, nor will it have the ability to access the data it contains. Moreover, this communication will require minimal battery consumption, because the exchange of bits will be minimal.

How the new Apple Find My will work

As for the rest, the Find My app perfectly combines everything that Find My Friends and Find My iPhone offered. The former was used to find nearby friends and family using their iPhone, iPad or other Apple product. The second one allowed to find the lost phone, but also to lock it using iCloud or the Apple map. It was then possible to display the lost device within the map or have it put on a sound so as to track it down quickly.

The new accessory will also be able to work thanks to and this will be useful especially when the lost device is too far away and is not reached by Bluetooth. The location will also be able to be shared with friends and family, and can be known by any Apple product when the tag has "lost mode" as its setting.