Flaw in Netgear routers, millions of networks and devices at risk

A flaw in some of the world’s best-selling routers could open the door wide to hackers. Netgear rushed to the rescue, but it may not be enough A vulnerability in some of Netgear’s most widely used routers remained at the mercy of potential hackers who could exploit it for cyber attacks. Netgear, although aware of … Read more

Ranking 2019 Best Android Games

In the beginning there was a snake who loved to go in search of tasty balls to eat. As he ate them, the snake increased in length. We are talking about “Snake”, the ancestor of all modern smartphone games. Born in 1977, this game initially installed in the platforms of the famous Commodore, then spread … Read more

Twitter, a new feature will hide replies to tweets

The microblogging platform is testing new features to improve the user experience. One of them allows you to mute trolls Among the many changes and new features long requested by Twitter users is definitely the ability to delete replies to their tweets. Even on the social network of the bird, in fact, trolls and hater … Read more