How to create a restore point in Windows

To avoid losing important data as a result of bugs and malfunctions, the advice is to consistently create restore points on computers Creating restore points on Windows can be a¬†useful solution to avoid losing important data as a result of a bug or malfunction. This system allows us to recover our documents without having to … Read more

WhatsApp, comes the blacklist for groups: how it works

On WhatsApp comes the possibility to make blacklists with users who can not add us to groups: here’s how it works After making its debut on the beta version of WhatsApp, the feature to block invitations to groups has also arrived on the official version of the app. The news comes directly from the guys … Read more

Jamendo, the streaming service for independent music

The music streaming sector is dominated by some big international players, such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music, however there are also some alternative realities such as Jamendo Music. This is a project similar in some ways to SoundCloud, in fact it allows emerging artists and independent musicians to make themselves known on the … Read more