How Deezer works, the app for listening to music and podcasts

Deezer is the streaming music and mail app that learns from the user’s tastes and offers personalized content: how it works and how to sign up With over 56 million songs, Deezer is the app for listening to streaming music and podcasts that gives Spotify and Apple Music a run for their money. The app … Read more

Samsung, the foldable smartphone arrives in November

After many indiscretions, Samsung could surprise everyone: the South Korean company is in fact about to launch, in November 2018, the Samsung Galaxy X, that is the first foldable smartphone. The news about an imminent launch by Samsung of a device with a foldable screen had been repeated constantly in the last period, the presentation … Read more

Immuni no longer works on Huawei smartphones

Immuni is no longer compatible (at the moment) with Huawei and Honor smartphones. It is likely that the malfunctions of the first hours are related to Google Mobile Services A little more than 24 hours after the official launch on the App Store and Google Play Store, Bending Spoon has already released the first update … Read more