How to contact the customer service of phone operators on WhatsApp

Do you want to contact on WhatsApp Vodafone, Tim, WindTre or other companies? Here are all the numbers to get assistance via chat Remember when to contact a store or a company you had to call and stay on the line for hours? Fortunately, today many companies have activated alternative channels that allow you to … Read more

Huawei smartphones: what happens after the goodbye to Android

In 2021 will arrive the first Huawei smartphone without Android, with HarmonyOS: what will happen to the smartphones already in the range? Will they be updated? It has raised a lot of concern in the owners of Huawei smartphones the announcement, by the Chinese brand, of a new cell phone without Android and with HarmonyOS … Read more

Artificial intelligence makes the diagnosis thanks to the SMART EVOLUTION

By analyzing the chemical composition of the breath, it is possible to detect with high precision the presence of pathologies in our organism It has been known for some time that medicine and information technology form an increasingly close couple. What few imagined is that the developments in this field could be so fast and … Read more