What data Signal, iMessage, WhatsApp and Messenger collect [LIST]

The comparison between the privacy labels of the four most popular instant messaging apps is merciless: here’s what they know about us. In recent years, Apple has decided to focus strongly on the privacy of its users, also for commercial reasons. On the one hand, if iOS apps can collect less data, users are happier; … Read more

LOL – who’s laughing is out: the previews of the second season

After the success of the first season, the hypothesis about the new episodes arrives: when will they be broadcast and who will be the new comedians? Here are the previews. LOL – whoever laughs is out is the most watched show ever on Amazon Prime Video Italy. The Japanese format landed in our country on … Read more

The 3 most popular scams for Black Friday

Black Friday 2019 is the perfect time for hackers to steal users’ money and credit cards: here’s how to defend yourself Black Friday 2019: time for discounts but also time for… scams. With the skyrocketing attention of potential customers, all intent on looking for the best offer for the product they’ve been wanting for so … Read more

PlayStation Network not working today. What’s happening

Since 11:00 am on May 6, 2020, the PlayStation Network is not working and users can’t play games. Here’s what’s happening Complicated morning for PS4 users: since 11:00 am on May 6, 2020 there are several problems with the PlayStation Network, with a surge in reports after 12:00 pm. Users are unable to access the … Read more

E’ ufficiale: su Telegram sono arrivati i pagamenti 2.0

In un colpo solo Telegram lancia tantissime novità per i suoi utenti: la più importante è la possibilità, per tutti, di pagare dentro l’app. Ancora una volta Telegram anticipa WhatsApp: mentre la piattaforma del gruppo Facebook ancora sta facendo esperimenti in pochi Paesi del mondo (qui vi raccontiamo a che punto siamo è arrivata WhatsApp), … Read more

Digital terrestrial DVB-T2, how to check the compatibility of your TV

With the start of the new year, the “operational phase” of the transition to DVB-T2 has begun. Here’s how to check if your TV is compatible with the new digital terrestrial January 1, 2020 has triggered the X hour for the televisions we have at home. Starting from this date, the procedure for the switchover … Read more

Nissan and NASA together for self-driving car

Japanese company is developing a new electric car with self-driving support. But in case of danger, humans will be the ones to remote control it Nissan also joins the list of automakers in the process of developing a self-driving vehicle. The Japanese company has partnered with NASA, the U.S. aeronautical agency, to create a very … Read more