Facebook: a project to fight fake news on climate

Facebook takes a stand and launches a project to spread correct information on global warming It’s called Climate Science Information Center and it’s Facebook’s answer against fake news on climate and climate change. The blue giant takes a position on one of the hottest topics (in the true sense of the word) of the public … Read more

The new scam affecting TIM landline customers

For a few weeks now, TIM users have been the victim of an attempted scam. The company warns its customers with a warning in the bill If you are a TIM customer for fixed line telephone or for ADSL or fiber for Internet, in the last bill you will have noticed a big notice: “TIM … Read more

There is a new social app: what it is and how it works BeReal

A new social app is spreading among young people: what is BeReal, how it works and why Generation Z likes it so much Spectacular photos, videos with retouches and filters that change reality (for the better). The world of social networks in recent years is less and less real, but users are changing and asking … Read more