Un biologo marino ha usato Google Maps per esplorare l’oceano

Esplorare l’oceano e le sue profondità utilizzando i dati satellitare di Google Maps: ecco il progetto del biologo marino Johnny Gaskell e del suo team Veronica Nicosia Giornalista scientifico Laureata in astrofisica, giornalista scientifico e content editor SEO, scrive di tecnologia per magazine online e carta stampata. Nel 2020 approda a Libero Tecnologia Esplorare l’oceano … Read more

Huawei ban, another 90-day extension: what changes for users

The U.S. government has extended the trade block imposed last May by another 90 days: here’s what changes for users The Huawei-U.S. affair doesn’t seem to find an end. Six months after the inclusion of the Chinese giant in a black list that prohibits U.S. companies to have commercial relations with Huawei, the U.S. government … Read more

Samsung 2022: when the most anticipated products arrive

An internal roadmap leaked from the corridors tells us when Samsung will start producing its upcoming 2022 models of tablets, smartwatches, laptops and wireless headphones It will be a year full of news the 2022 of Samsung, with a long list of products coming but, unfortunately, with the now chronic chip crisis to put a … Read more