ATM and credit cards: what changes from January 1 [VIDEO]

The year 2021 opens with two novelties for ATM and credit cards, both aimed at stimulating electronic payments. From January 1, 2021, two big novelties for electronic payments arrive, both aimed at stimulating the farewell to cash and at favoring the tracking of transactions between private individuals and retailers, in order to cut down on … Read more

Wigig, the ultra-fast and wireless virtual reality Wi-Fi

Evolution of current wireless technology, it guarantees a bandwidth of 9 gigabits per second. The only sore point is the coverage: only 10 meters in diameter Another wireless revolution is preparing to invade our homes. The Wi-Fi Alliance, a consortium of research bodies and companies that takes care of the development of wireless communication technology, … Read more

How many Huawei smartphones will update to EMUI 10? The list

Huawei has expanded the list of smartphones that will receive the update to EMUI 10: here is the complete list and possible arrival dates Good news for Huawei users. The Chinese company has announced the new list of smartphones that will update to EMUI 10, the new user interface that brings with it many new … Read more

Best job search apps

After years of studying and taking master’s degrees and training courses, it’s time to look for the perfect job. The one you are looking for must be able to leverage everything you have learned in your course of study. Today times have changed and to look for a job there are always the classic temp … Read more