Tailored clothes of the future will be made with 3D printing and scanners

Every body is different, but two companies have joined forces to create customized mannequins using a body scanner and professional 3D printers It’s an idea that could revolutionize the production and purchasing sector in the fashion industry both online and in traditional stores with an expense, all in all, minimal, but that would guarantee clothing … Read more

Pokémon turns 25 and celebrates with Katy Perry

Pokémon turns 25 and the celebrations begin: a year of exclusive events and the musical project P25 with pop stars like Katy Perry Pokémon celebrates its first 25 years and, for a proper celebration, they have chosen Katy Perry as godmother of the musical events that will be held soon. To launch the news, the … Read more

Consigli e trucchi per scattare foto a lunga esposizione

Avete mai visto sui social le foto con l’acqua che sembra seta o con le luci del traffico e della città che sembrano muoversi? Ecco come realizzarle È inutile nascondersi, se ci sono delle foto che su Instagram prendono tanti “mi piace” sono le immagini a lunga esposizione. Acqua che sembra leggera come la seta … Read more