What is a white hole and the differences with the black hole

The white hole in space is one of those puzzles on which astrophysicists have been struggling for decades: here is what it is and how it is different from the black hole. Space is so full of mysteries that no theory can be discarded a priori, even those on phenomena not yet scientifically proven, nor … Read more

How to configure TIM modem

Have you just signed an Internet contract with TIM and do not know the technical parameters of your connection? You can find them in this guide Have you just signed a new TIM offer and, as required by the resolution “Modem Libero” of AGCOM, you decided to use an old modem router you had at … Read more

The first JVC OLED Smart TVs have arrived in Europe

The European OLED Smart TV market is enriched by a new player. It’s JVC, which markets two new models in the most popular sizes, 55″ and 65″ JVC is ready to challenge in Europe the real giants like Sony, LG or Panasonic in “their” field, that of OLED Smart TVs. JVC is ready to challenge … Read more

When the first iPhone without the notch arrives

The debut of an iPhone without the notch is long awaited by those who have never been in tune with the “notch”: the moment finally seems close Apple would have already decided that the notch has its minutes counted. Between the “notch” at the top of the screen of the iPhone – and recently also … Read more