How machine learning and AI affect us daily

It should no longer come as a surprise. After years “locked up” in research labs around the world, artificial intelligence and machine learning have now made headlines in newspapers and magazines (not just in the industry) around the world. All thanks to their great versatility and the impact they are having (and will gradually have) … Read more

How to issue and send an electronic invoice

Emit and send an electronic invoice is very simple with the administrative management Libero SiFattura: here’s the guide The issuance and sending of an electronic invoice may seem complicated, but using an administrative management software the task becomes very simple. Using software such as Libero SiFattura you can compile, generate and send your electronic invoices … Read more

WhatsApp Plus, beware of the app that steals all your data

App promises to add unique features to WhatsApp, actually infects your smartphone with malware that steals photos and videos Computer dangers for WhatsApp users are the order of the day: Scam messages inviting the user to renew the app’s subscription (when it’s actually free), links to click on to win prizes (but actually trying to … Read more