Dr. Brain on Apple TV+ is challenging Squid Game on Netflix

Dr. Brain is challenging the success of Squid Game on Netflix: what’s it about and when the new Korean series is coming to stream on Apple TV+ After the huge success of Squid Game, Asian TV series are conquering streaming platforms and Apple Tv+ is also responding loudly. The trailer for Dr. Brain, a Korean … Read more

TikTok down, what could be behind it: the possible explanation

A technical problem caused the down of TikTok, the streaming video platform very popular among teenagers. The system didn’t work for several hours and users went wild on Twitter. TikTok, the social network for sharing short videos popular especially among teenagers, didn’t work for hours. The reports under the hashtag #tiktokdown¬†arrived in thousands on Twitter, … Read more

5 things to do with the Android developer option

The Android developer option allows customization and control of some smartphone features, such as security and performance. Under normal conditions you can’t change all smartphone settings, as operations are limited to some default features. However, you can enable Android developer mode, to change some configurations and customize some processes, such as USB connections with pc, … Read more

Google launches an app to talk with your eyes

Google launches a new app called Look to Speak that allows you to “talk” using the movement of your eyes: here’s how it works Google takes another step forward in accessibility with the launch of Look to Speak, the first app that allows you to talk with your eyes. The app uses a smartphone’s front-facing … Read more