Ryuk doesn’t let go, still the most feared Ransomware

By Pierguido Iezzi, Co-Founder Swascan Ryuk dominated the Ransomware attack landscape for the fourth consecutive quarter, according to a study conducted by Cisco Talos researchers that considered and analyzed a large sample of Incident Response. His operators are changing strategies, greatly increasing the risk to organizations, whose response efforts are also hampered by COVID-19. The … Read more

What are they and how they work the “virtual games”

Virtual sports are a type of games in the field of sports betting and are based on simulated events but can provide realistic scenarios and immersive to the player thanks to the final streaming of the simulation of the real event. This type of games is particularly appreciated by users because it is able to … Read more

Now we have photos of how stars form

Formally known as IC 4628, the nebula is located 6 thousand light-years from Earth. The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a stunning photo of the interstellar agglomerate floating in space. A spectacular image of the Prawn nebula floating in space has been captured by the Hubble Telescope. The interstellar cluster, formally known as IC 4628, … Read more