How to watch Netflix in Italy from computers, smartphones and smartTVs

If you’ve subscribed to Netflix, you’ll have the ability to watch TV series, movies, documentaries and anime on computers, smartphones and TVs. Here’s how Available in Italy since 2015, Netflix has slowly conquered the audience of the Bel Paese: many original TV series, movies, documentaries, anime and content for children. Netflix in Italy can be … Read more

4 tricks to fix iPhone battery issues

If you’re having iPhone battery issues, the latest update you downloaded may be to blame. Here’s how to fix it Over the past few months, numerous Apple users have reported battery malfunctions on their mobile devices, including sudden shutdowns, blackouts, and erratic charge indications. The problems have affected several iPhone models, especially the iPhone 6 … Read more

Dot, the autonomous drone that paints portraits and murals

You may have heard of plans to use drones to deliver packages and monitor wildlife or storms. But what about painting? The idea behind the Dot drone originated in Paul Kry’s lab at McGill University’s School of Computer Science. The professor and some of his students joined forces to program small drones to create dot … Read more

2020 year to forget, even for YouTube

2020 was different: not just ordinary people say so, but even Internet bigwigs, who make the resulting decisions. Things never go completely right or completely wrong, but there are times in life when they go a little worse than usual. 2020 is undoubtedly a year when things went quite a bit wrong, worldwide, due to … Read more