Nuovi iPad Pro e iMac 2021: i chip scarseggiano, previsti ritardi

La crisi dei chip non risparmia neanche Apple che, molto probabilmente, potrà produrre solo pochi iPad Pro e iMac M1 nella seconda metà del 2021. Sono stati appena presentati (durante l’evento Spring Loaded che vi abbiamo raccontato qui), sono il nuovo oggetto del desiderio per i fan della mela morsicata, ma non tutti potranno averli … Read more

Summertime 2 arrives on June 3 with lots of news

Summertime starts on Netflix too: the second season of Summertime takes us back to summer vacations, first loves and new friendships. Here are details on plot, cast and release. With the arrival of summer, the TV series that has made the beautiful season its flag returns: we are talking about Summertime, the Italian Netflix Original … Read more

Google, patented drone that goes to work for you. Photo

In Google’s new patent, a drone is described that could replace humans in the office in the future. It will also be used in the medical field There’s a dream millions of people hope to achieve: staying home and sending someone else to work in their place. Thanks to the foresight of Google, this wish … Read more

Online scams, beware of fake service centers. How to defend yourself

Researchers have discovered a new cyber threat, cyber criminals disguise themselves as Micosoft service centers to steal our information The end of the year is the period most targeted by cyber criminals to make their online scams. These are frauds that almost always operate via email. Recently, cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new cyber threat … Read more