Offerte di Natale per lo smartphone: tariffe e device a rate 2021

Regalare uno smartphone a una persona cara a Natale è sicuramente un gran bel dono da poter fare: i modelli tra i quali scegliere sono davvero tanti ormai e sono suddivisibili in fasce di prezzo differenti.  Per chi vuole risparmiare o non si può permettere di comprare uno smartphone in un’unica soluzione, ci sono diversi … Read more

Google TV, update brings user profiles and more customization

The latest update for Google TV brings multi-user profiles and therefore more customization possibilities, but not only: here are the other novelties Google TV has ended up at the center of the thoughts of the American multinational, which has recently dedicated itself to improving the virtual and interactive environment designed for smart TV and Chromecast. … Read more

Google and Facebook know if you look at porn sites, even incognito

According to U.S. research, 93% of porn sites collect data about our preferences and give it to third-party companies. Among these also Google and FB That on the web there are tools that track user behavior, so as to derive commercially useful data is a well-known fact. Even if the European Union has tried to … Read more