Google TV, update brings user profiles and more customization

The latest update for Google TV brings multi-user profiles and therefore more customization possibilities, but not only: here are the other novelties

Google TV has ended up at the center of the thoughts of the American multinational, which has recently dedicated itself to improving the virtual and interactive environment designed for smart TV and Chromecast. If in September came the free channels, now an update "full-bodied" brings several new features, including the expected multi-user profiles along with more customization options.

The introduction of multi-user profiles is particularly relevant, because rather requested by those who use Google TV to have more customization options of the virtual environment and enjoy greater privacy. After all, it is undeniable the convenience of sharing the same object, either a Chromecast with Google TV or a smart TV managed by the system of Big G, but enjoy each one of separate profiles. It was like living in a house with no doors or no rooms, with only common areas: certainly not the best, but luckily now Google has put a patch on this lack that comes with the latest update for Google TV.

Multiuser profiles arrive on Google TV

Multiuser profiles arrive on Google TV, after last March was implemented a new profile for children that gave parents a tool through which to have greater control over the content of minors. This was positive news, but it made the need for multi-user profiles even more apparent, and now they've finally arrived on Mountain View's platform.

So several people can share the same TV without ending up mixing up content they've watched and content they still want to watch. The introduction of multi-user profiles on Google TV with the latest update also allows each person to get personalized content recommendations, quickly access their titles, and enjoy personalized assistance from Google Assistant.

Cards for Ambient Mode

With the latest Google TV update, Ambient Mode also improves: users are now able to view within the mode their favorite content and memories from those uploaded to Google Photos. This is all while the TV is idle, i.e. when Ambient mode is triggered and information such as weather forecasts, news and more, such as scores or trophies won in games, is shown within tabs.

In addition to general information, Google TV tabs will offer shortcuts to start tasks, such as playing music or some of the photos available in Google Photos. Tips, shortcuts and content will disappear the moment the TV is left idle for a long time.

When the new features arrive

Multi-user profiles and Ambient mode have already arrived on some Chromecast with Google TV in Italy, soon they will come that on smart TVs with Google TV from Sony and TCL.