How to create secure, easy-to-remember passwords

To create secure passwords you only need 14 letters: the first eight must be identical for all access keys, the other 6 change depending on the service

Creating secure passwords is not easy. You need to use the right sequence of letters, numbers and symbols so that a hacker can't crack it. But creating secure and easy-to-remember passwords for each account and for all the services you use online is not easy, especially for those who work with computers.

Many people suggest using a password manager, a program that allows you to manage all the access keys you create for your accounts and keep them safe from hackers. The only drawback to password managers is that they can be inconvenient to use while working. Instead, using the same access key for all online accounts and services is tantamount to opening the doors of your privacy to hackers. To create a secure password there is a trick that few people know and it is also quite simple to apply: just use 14-letter security keys consisting of a first part made up of 8 identical letters for all passwords, while the remaining 6 letters vary depending on the service and platform used. Here's how to do it.


Before moving on to creating a secure password you need to categorize your accounts. A good division involves at least creating four or five different account types: there's the email category, the social networking category, the e-commerce category, the video game category, and the online banking category. After "creating the categories" it is necessary to make a list of accounts for each type. For example, in the "Social network" category you should put all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Creating secure passwords

After dividing all online services into categories, you can start creating a secure password. The first step is to find 8 letters that are common to all the access keys that you will be forming. For example, we could use the name of your pet or the name of your favorite team. In the example we will use in this guide we will use the word "password".

The next 3 letters will be formed by the type of service category. For example, if we need to create the security key for the social networking category we could identify it with the abbreviation "soc". In the process of creating our strong password, we arrived at "passwordsoc".

The last 3 letters will refer to the platform or service where we will use the access key. Always referring to social networks, we can take Facebook as an example. We could shorten the name of the social platform to "fac" and add it to the previously created security key. In this way we will have the word "passwordsocfac", where the first 8 letters are common to all access keys, while the other six change depending on the category and platform.

A tip for creating a secure password: for the first 8 letters also use symbols and numbers, so as to complicate the life of hackers as much as possible.