Create a website: mistakes to avoid

For a small and medium-sized business is essential to have a website, but there are some mistakes not to be made: here are

Often you think that it is enough to make a website to start selling online and to increase the turnover. And to save money in the realization of the website you rely on "familiar" solutions: you ask for help to your relatives or some friends willing to do it in exchange for visibility.

This way you will save money, but the website could be completely useless if you don't respect some very precise parameters. If this is the case, you will fail to achieve your goals and you will not be able to increase your business. There are several mistakes that can be made when developing a website: creating poor content that users are not interested in reading or using themes that are not responsive, i.e. that do not adapt to the screen of the device used, a feature that has become increasingly important with the increase in traffic generated by smartphones.

Here are the mistakes not to be made when creating a website.

Don't be patient

The first mistake to avoid when creating the website of your company is not to try to get results immediately. The website needs to "grow" and to position itself slowly on the search engines.

If you want your project to grow, you need to update it constantly and with quality content: in this way, users will begin to appreciate it and the first results will come even from the point of view of the company's turnover. The secret of success is to be patient and wait for the results and constantly update the site.

Publish poor quality content

Quality makes the difference. And small and medium-sized businesses that sell overseas should know this well. Much of success depends on the quality of the products you make. And the same quality is also required of the content that is published on your website. Well-written content allows your website to rank on search engines and be found by potential customers. In order to write quality articles, it is necessary to use the right words that respond to the requests of users. Only in this way, the customers will visit our website and will be able to find out about the products and services we offer.

In addition to the content, you must also use images that are impactful and convince the user to click on the page. If you use grainy images or images that are not in line with the products offered by the company, the user will soon leave the page, thinking that the company is not reliable.

Non-responsive Themes

To save money in the creation of the website, usually you use themes that are not responsive, that is, that do not adapt to the screen of the device you are using. Because of non-responsive themes, viewing the website from the smartphone creates navigation problems for users, who soon abandon the site and go looking for other companies that offer the same service. In order to save money on the theme you have lost a possible customer.

E-commerce site with few products for sale

Deciding to open an e-commerce site is an important choice that can lead the company to considerably increase its turnover. But you should not make the mistake of opening an e-commerce with few products. When people want to buy a product online, they always compare at least 4 or 5 different models: if our e-commerce offers only one, they will be led to choose another company to make the purchase. Relevant descriptions and good quality images should also be included.