How to fix Android System Webview update problems

In this article we will help you fix the problem if Android System Webview doesn't update: here's what it is and what to do to update it correctly.

It's a fairly frequent problem: Android System Webview doesn't update and makes it impossible to view in-app web content. What to do if this app doesn't finish updating correctly? Here's an article by Libero Tecnologia that can help you solve the situation.

Android System Webview: what it is and why it needs to be updated

Before understanding in detail what to do when Android System Webview doesn't update, let's try to understand what this application is in detail. Maybe you've never noticed, but if you have an Android phone you've probably launched this app many times. The reason? It's simple, Android System Webview is a system app included in all the latest Android models. It's not a classic app, in the sense that you'll never find an icon referring to it, but it's still an application that allows you to open a web page from another application.

Another important thing to know is that it's crucial that Android System Webview is always updated to the latest version. If this is not the case, it may inhibit the ability to update other apps in the Play Store, making it impossible for them to work properly.

What to do if Android System Webview doesn't update

It is clear that its importance is crucial for our Android device. If this app is not properly updated, it actually prevents applications from opening a web page, thus greatly reducing the potential of the device being used. Usually when you're faced with problems of not being up to date, you have to do something about it. Many apps, for example, are uninstalled and then reinstalled in order to load the updated version.

With Android System Webview this is not possible: being a system application it can't be completely uninstalled, at most it's possible to go back to the factory version, i.e. clean it of all previous updates. But this is the extreme solution. Before you get to this attempt you can try other less invasive ways to update Android System Webview.

Android System Webview Update: Classic Solutions

Before going to the more vigorous solutions you can try the classic ways: rebooting and waiting. As you know, smartphones often crash and the only solution to restart is to reset everything with reboot. This could be an appropriate solution even when you're faced with a block of the Android System Webview update. Alternatively, you can arm yourself with patience and wait a few minutes. For example, a temporary down of Google's servers can cause problems.

Individual App Updates

The failure to update the Android System Webview is often closely related to the failure to update many individual apps. In this case, you need to log into the Play Store and enter the "My Apps and Games" section. Here you can see all the apps that are trying to update without success. In this case you should stop all updates and restart by updating one app at a time. When this is done, you can attempt to update Android System Webview.

Erasing Play Store Cache and Data

Another attempt to update Android System Webview properly could be to clear the Play Store cache and data. This activity will restore the initial settings of the Play Store, without affecting the applications that have been downloaded. In detail, data such as parental controls, notification settings and automatic app updates will be restored to their original structure. Once this is done you can turn off and restart your device to see if Android System Webview can update properly.

Android System Webview is not updating? Try removing new updates

A final attempt, the most extreme one if you will, involves removing all the latest Android System Webview updates resulting in a reset to the default version. What does this mean? It means that this operation restores the original version, the one present at the purchase and at the first use. To perform this operation you need to enter the Play Store and search for the Android System Webview app. Clicking on "Uninstall" will remove all previous updates, returning the app to its original structure. When the task is done you can then try to relaunch the latest update.