What are digital twins and what are they for

Digital twins are virtual copies of real processes or services on which to test to prevent errors and improve functionality Industry 4.0 is based on some innovative technologies: Internet of Things, big data, machine learning and cloud computing. Although they have different names, these four technologies are linked and will enable companies to embrace the … Read more

Portable projector: all the features and how to choose

There are many features to evaluate when choosing a portable projector: in addition to size and price, also the resolution of the image. The miniaturization of electronic devices allows you to reduce their size, without losing quality and performance. A very popular device is the portable projector, which today can be taken anywhere with ease … Read more

Android Auto si aggiorna e arriva una nuova interfaccia: cosa cambia

Pochi interventi mirati all’interfaccia delle impostazioni di Android Auto facilitano la connessione tra smartphone e veicolo, in attesa della diffusione del collegamento wireless su tutti i telefoni Piccolo aggiornamento in arrivo per l’app di Android Auto: lo ha scoperto un utente di Reddit e ha postato le immagini della nuova interfaccia grafica che permette un … Read more