Portable projector: all the features and how to choose

There are many features to evaluate when choosing a portable projector: in addition to size and price, also the resolution of the image.

The miniaturization of electronic devices allows you to reduce their size, without losing quality and performance. A very popular device is the portable projector, which today can be taken anywhere with ease ensuring optimal resolution, a practical and efficient solution for working or simply watching movies, transmitting images on any white surface. Let's see how to choose a portable projector, analyzing the main features to consider during the purchase.

Portable projector: what it is and how it works

Portable projectors are compact and lightweight devices, which allow you to play videos and images through a system of lighting and reflective lenses. In particular, they are very practical devices, which can be taken with you for business or entertainment purposes, for example, to play games with friends or watch a movie in a group. Despite their small size, modern devices offer good performance, adequate quality and excellent value for money.

The technologies behind these devices are mainly three. The first is called DLP (Digital Light Processing), which uses a series of lenses and a system that directs the light, to obtain fairly sharp color images. The second option is called LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon), in which the management of the light beam is entrusted to a liquid crystal LCD screen. Finally, you can find mini portable projectors of the LBS (Laser Beam Steering) type, which use laser beams of different colors, projecting images pixel by pixel.

How to choose the right portable projector

In the market you can find different models of portable projectors, with a wide choice of professional or leisure devices. In particular, it is important to consider some main aspects, such as the weight and size of the device, the quality of HD, Full HD or 4K resolution, the technology used and the connectivity offered, with the presence of USB, HDMI and VGA ports. Likewise, you must check the brightness and support for external memories.

Weight and size

The first aspects to evaluate, when you want to buy a portable projector, are the size and weight of the device. Some devices are so small that you can even put them in your pocket, while others are slightly larger, however they ensure a longer autonomy, relying on batteries with a greater capacity. The weight can range from as little as 7/800 grams for the pocket-sized models, up to 2.5 kg for the bulkier ones, so you can choose according to your needs to the battery life.

Resolution and functionality

One of the main factors in choosing the right portable projector is the resolution, because despite the size the device must ensure good image quality. Depending on the technology used, the type of lamps and the processor, these devices can offer a High Definition (HD) resolution, or provide a better quality, reaching Full HD for mid-range devices or even 4K for the most expensive and exclusive ones. To buy a suitable model, it is advisable to opt at least for Full HD, with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.


To decide which mini-projector to buy, it is important to check the type of lighting, since the quality of the reproduced image depends directly on it. The maximum brightness is expressed in lumens, so the higher this value, the greater the performance of the projector, considering the distance indicated by the manufacturer. If the device doesn't have to work very far from the reflective surface, you don't need an overly powerful model, otherwise it is better to opt for a device with a high amount of lumens.


As these devices are used to reproduce video and image resources, it is essential to check their connectivity. In this case, it is important to check the presence of HDMI ports, latest generation USB (possibly Type-C) and slots to connect memory cards as well, such as micro SD and flash drives. This allows you to connect the portable projector to a Smart TV, tablet or even smartphone, or download compatible apps like Netflix and YouTube, depending on the operating system installed inside.

Purpose of use

Before buying the device, you should consider its purpose of use, to choose a model that suits your needs. For example, on the market you can find professional portable projectors, suitable for those who use the device to work, mini portable projectors for smartphones, ideal for entertainment, or portable projectors for school, perfect for multimedia lessons in the classroom. The price varies depending on the quality, so for a device for professional use will necessarily have to spend a little more.


Of course, the price is also a factor to be taken into account, in fact there are inexpensive devices, suitable for home use and entertainment, or medium or high end suitable for professional use. In general, the prices of portable projectors start from about 80 euros, for models with brightness of 4,000 lumens and HD quality, otherwise for a mid-range product the cost is around 2 to 300 euros, with Full HD resolution and about 6,000 lumens. The most exclusive devices can exceed 1,000 euros, as they offer high performance thanks to laser technology, with high connectivity, great autonomy and 4K quality.