How to build a portable iPhone charger in 15 minutes

A 9 volt battery, a lightning cable, an old USB car charger, some electrical tape: that's all you need to make a charger

The number of people who resort to homemade solutions also in the technological field is always increasing. Thanks to the internet and the video tutorials published by some electronics enthusiasts, building an accessory yourself, instead of buying it, is becoming child's play.

And not only simple and small devices. Using the web, for example, you can make a PC and even a 3D printer, although in these cases the degree of difficulty is quite high. Lately, on the net there are several videos that explain how to build, in few simple steps, a portable charger for iPhone. The procedure, shown in the tutorials, is quite simple and does not require, unlike other hi-tech products, the purchase of any electronic component. You just need to recycle. You'll need a 9 volt battery (the one that used to be used in remote controls), a USB car charger, a snap connector, a lightning cable and some insulating tape.

How to build the portable iPhone charger

First you have to open the USB car charger and take out the inner part. Then, you just need to take the 9 volt battery and connect it to the snap connector. The next step, to build the portable charger, requires you to connect the two small electrical wires of the snap with the mechanism recovered from the car charger and check that current flows between the two. Normally, if the connections have been made correctly, the red light on the inside of the old car charger will light up. Now you need to fix the snap wires with insulating tape and that's it.

Of course, to charge the iPhone, you need to connect the lightning cable to the USB port of the homemade car charger.