Prinker, the portable printer that creates temporary tattoos

Through the smartphone app we can choose a design or create one. Prinker's ink lasts a maximum of three days, is non-toxic and washable

In the past we've already seen portable printers, such as the HandJet, that can create lettering and logos on virtually any material. These are very useful on construction sites and in warehouses. But now thanks to the Prinker printer we can write on our skin too. To make temporary tattoos.

At first glance Prinker looks like a simple small box. If programmed, however, the portable printer can print any kind of design on our skin. This is an excellent opportunity for all those who want to make a new tattoo but are undecided on the shape to give the indelible stroke. But it could also be a fun alternative for all those who like to have many tattoos on their skin. To make a tattoo design we have several alternatives. We can upload a drawing or make an inscription directly on the screen of our smartphone through the app of the portable printer.

Prinker the printer for tattoos

To make the tattoo just pass the printer on the chosen area of skin. If we're undecided about the shape of the design, just open the Prinker app for your phone and search through the thousands of shapes and symbols already uploaded by other users or the developers of the portable printer. Tattoo ink is non-toxic and has been made from some chemicals that also make up cosmetics used daily by women. Moreover, it is washable with soap but is still water resistant and lasts three days at most. For this reason, the portable printer can also be used on children's skin. Although it is always best to check for allergies first. Prinker will be launched on the market in five different colors: white, black, red, yellow and blue