Problems with Chrome? How to solve them in a few minutes

The easiest way to improve Chrome's functioning is to launch the Task Manager, a control tool through which you can monitor web pages

Browsers are our first contact with the Internet, without which it would be impossible to navigate among the millions of websites available. The offer is wide. Among the most used are Microsoft Edge, which has recently replaced Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google's browser, Chrome.

They are all very good. Sometimes, however, for a variety of reasons - and there are really many - they don't work as they should. And one of the main consequences, and one that gets on the nerves of most users, is that they struggle to load web pages with speed. In such cases it is essential to know what is the cause of the problem. One trick would be to launch the Task Manager, a command center that lets you control all the processes managed by the browser. You'll be able to figure out which of the tabs open in the browser has the greatest impact on the CPU or takes up the most RAM space.

How to launch Chrome Task Manager

One of the best Task Managers for browsers is the one in Google Chrome. It is also very easy to set up. All you have to do is enter the browser's menu by clicking on the dotted icon located in the top right corner. Then you'll just have to select "Other tools" and from the drop-down menu, click on "Task Manager". There is another way, much simpler and more immediate, to activate Chrome's command center and that requires you to press the Shift key (the one used for capitalization) along with the Esc button. Once this is done, a small window will open, the Chrome control center, from which we can see in detail the activity of each tab that is open.

How to speed up Chrome

If we feel that a process is consuming too many resources, simply select it from the list of pages listed in the Task Manager and terminate it. The system also lets you view other details about the open tabs. By pressing the right button, in fact, you'll be able to add the option to check the image cache and much more. The Task Manager is an important tool as it allows users to go to the trouble of finding the web page that is responsible for slowing down Chrome and the computer in general.