How to remove Chrome extensions

Installing Chrome extensions is child's play, but when it comes time to remove one you sometimes don't know how to do it: don't worry, here's the procedure

The Chrome Web Store has all kinds of them. They allow you to take advantage of the services of the Google ecosystem in a few steps, from Translator to Drive, recall emoji, even entertain yourself with nice games. These are the extensions of Google Chrome, small applications created by Google or third-party developers that serve to add new functions to the browser.

Since their introduction they have had a huge success and this is evidenced by the fact that, as we said, on the special virtual store there are of all types and for any purpose, from the most useful to the less useful. Chrome extensions take up little memory on average, so you'll want to download lots of them and sometimes you'll end up filling your browser with extensions that are sometimes useless, especially when you get carried away and install dozens of them. Or, trivially, they become superfluous when you try to remedy Chrome's shortcomings through extensions, which Google then remedies with updates. So, when Chrome extensions are no longer needed, how do you remove them?

Remove Chrome extensions: the steps

Installing Chrome extensions is simple, but removing them? It is as well, provided you know how to do it. And don't be alarmed by the fact that Google Chrome is available for a number of operating systems, from Windows to MacOS via Linux: the process is almost identical for all of them. Let's get started.

First you have to open Google Chrome and then locate, in the upper right corner, the button with the three vertical dots. After clicking on it, you have to locate the heading Other tools, hover over it with the mouse pointer to bring up a list of options, among which you have to choose Extensions.

Have done that, in the new tab you have to locate the Chrome extension that you want to delete first and choose the Remove button. After you press it, a small window will pop up and the browser will make sure that you really want to remove that extension, so the button was not pressed by mistake.

Alternatively, if the extension has a small icon near Chrome's search bar you can also right-click on it and choose Remove from Chrome...

I made a mistake, how do I go back?

Be careful which extension you choose to remove, because once the uninstallation is confirmed, there is no way back.

To get back what you deleted by mistake, you need to connect to the Chrome Web Store again, type the name of the extension in the search bar and click the Add button. Not a complicated procedure to perform because, as we said, installing extensions is a breeze, but it would be a waste of time.