Elite 5: le prime anticipazioni su trama e cast

Nuove avventure per gli studenti del liceo Las Encinas di Madrid sono in arrivo nella quinta stagione di Elite: tutte le anticipazioni


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Le puntate della quarta stagione di Elite sono arrivate da poco su Netflix e intanto le riprese della quinta stagione sono già iniziate. The students of Las Encinas High School in Madrid will find themselves struggling with new characters and new adventures that will keep fans glued to the screen.

The announcement of Elite's fifth season had arrived last February and filming began as early as March 2021 in the streaming platform's production center in Madrid. The fourth season, on the other hand, is now entering its stride, with episodes streaming on Netflix starting June 18. The teen drama continues between established names in the cast and new arrivals that will go to undermine the balance now almost achieved by the students of the exclusive Spanish high school. If the fifth season will also be the last, as some rumors claim, will have the arduous task of giving a worthy ending to the stories of the various protagonists who are intertwined with each other.

Elite 5: plot previews

The plot of Elite 5 at the moment still remains a mystery, what is certain is that the events will take place in the high school Las Encinas in Madrid and will have as protagonists the students of the exclusive high school. Although the fourth season has just begun, you can bet that there will be many unresolved stories that will have to find their own closure.

In Elite 4, in fact, will arrive a new principal in Las Encinas that will implement several changes trying to make the high school a place even more exclusive. With him, his three spoiled teenage sons will also arrive. All elements that portend new intrigues of love and friendship, which will find their development from episode to episode.

Elite 5: the cast and when it comes out

If from the point of view of the plot we still know little, the first confirmations on the cast of the fifth season have already arrived. Confirmed the presence of Claudia Salas, who plays Rebeka, and Martina Cariddi, who enters the fourth season with the character of Mencia.

Between the new entries, however, turn the names of the Argentine actress Valentina Zenere, already famous for playing Ambar Smith in Soy Luna, the Brazilian actor Lamoglie and the French actor Nourou Adam, whose role has not yet been made known.

As for the release date, this has also not yet been revealed. The filming of Elite 5 began in March, while season 4 arrived on Netflix on June 18. This suggests that for the fifth season of the Spanish TV series will have to wait until at least the beginning of 2022.