TitkTok also starts paying European creators

Even European creators can now be paid by TikTok: the company has allocated a €60 million fund The TikTok app started paying last July to creators from the United States who post the most followed and liked videos on the platform, allocating a fund of more than €200 million. Now TikTok is also targeting Europe, allocating … Read more

How to see the Europa League live streaming for free

The chase of Milan and Lazio to the Europa League begins, here are the match schedules and how to follow them live streaming on SkyGo and TV8 for free Will Milan and Lazio manage to get to Baku? No, this is not a geographical question, but a sporting one. The essence of the question, in … Read more

How to protect your Instagram profile with Security Checkup

Socials have gained importance in our lives, and it’s important to keep them safe to avoid unpleasant situations: here’s Instagram’s Security Checkup Instagram has recently launched the Security Checkup, which aims to increase the security of the accounts that populate the platform. In the press release with which the social announced it, it is stated that … Read more

Artificial rain has arrived in the UAE

The new system for causing rain in areas where water is scarce uses unmanned drones, and is currently already being tested. Not all places on Earth are equal or equally habitable. And not everyone can benefit from the same amount of water. That’s why experts at the University of Bath have set themselves an innovative … Read more

Problems with Chrome? How to solve them in a few minutes

The easiest way to improve Chrome’s functioning is to launch the Task Manager, a control tool through which you can monitor web pages Browsers are our first contact with the Internet, without which it would be impossible to navigate among the millions of websites available. The offer is wide. Among the most used are Microsoft … Read more