Iliad, improved network coverage: what changes

Iliad is continuing to enlarge its proprietary network to offer an ever better service. Here’s all the latest news Iliad’s work continues undaunted in the creation of a proprietary network capable of covering the whole country in the shortest time possible. The objective of the telephone operator is to build an independent network within a … Read more

Microsoft Teams makes users happy: video calls for up to nine people

Microsoft’s smartworking platform gets new video calling features. From the next few days up to 9 users will be visible on the screen In March, due to the coronavirus pandemic that forces half the world to stay indoors, the Microsoft Teams video calling and smartworking platform recorded an increase of 1,000% in the number of … Read more

Android poaches Windows, is almost the most used operating system

The mobile operating system has almost caught up with Windows in terms of users. Impacts the spread of smartphones in Asia, where mobile devices are more than PCs There are no search statistics from Google to confirm that mobile devices are gradually taking over. StatCounter, a company specializing in collecting and analyzing data from the … Read more