Chrome, Opera and Firefox vulnerable to undetectable phishing attack

A new flaw threatens the cybersecurity of Chrome, Opera and Firefox. The phishing attack manages to disguise itself and is difficult to block Do you usually use one of Chrome, Firefox or Opera as your web browser? Watch out, because a new threat is hovering over these services. They are three of the most popular … Read more

How to check the health of your Mac’s SSD drive

An SSD drive, unfortunately, isn’t forever. If you have a Mac with a solid-state drive, it might come in handy to know its health: here’s how to do it Replacing a magnetic hard drive with an SSD greatly improves the performance of a desktop or laptop computer. Choosing an SSD at the time of purchase, … Read more

Super Cashback: cosa è cambiato nella classifica

Vincere il Super Cashback semestrale da 1.500 euro diventa sempre più difficile, ma non è colpa dei furbetti: ecco quanti acquisti validi bisogna fare ogni giorno. Dopo la polemica sui cosiddetti “furbetti del Cashback“, cioè gli utenti del programma di rimborsi messo in piedi dal Governo che stanno trovando i modi più strani per accumulare … Read more