Arlo pro, the waterproof and HD video surveillance system

Records high-definition footage and needs no cables to operate: it runs on batteries and connects to the home network via Wi-Fi Netgear updates the Arlo surveillance camera and launches the Pro version. The device introduces some interesting new features compared to the previous model. The Arlo Pro, as the company itself states, is the first … Read more

All methods to amplify the WiFi signal

One of the questions we ask ourselves most often when we go on vacation or move for some reason, is: will I have WiFi coverage to use? By now we can find it everywhere, in bars, clubs and restaurants, but it can still happen that the WiFi signal is not so strong as to cover … Read more

IFind3D, the search engine for 3D printers

Developed by a Dutch 3D printer reseller, iFInd3D is a search engine that brings together more than 700,000 models for 3D printers 3D printers, from objects of desire for the lucky few, are becoming a fundamental and irreplaceable element, especially in business. The only problem is finding free models to inspire you to create your … Read more