IFind3D, the search engine for 3D printers

Developed by a Dutch 3D printer reseller, iFInd3D is a search engine that brings together more than 700,000 models for 3D printers

3D printers, from objects of desire for the lucky few, are becoming a fundamental and irreplaceable element, especially in business. The only problem is finding free models to inspire you to create your own product. Each printer uses its own software and templates created ad hoc. A decision that wastes a lot of time for companies. And time on the job, as we know, is money. A Dutch 3D printer retailer had a great idea: launch the first search engine for 3D printable products. Like a traditional search engine, iFind3d, as the website is called, allows you to search through thousands - more than 700,000 models - of high-quality designs.

How iFind3D Works

The search engine brings together most of the printable model libraries available on the internet. To search for them, just enter a keyword in the bar, representing the type of design you are interested in, and start the search. The models found can be saved and downloaded. iFind3D, still in beta mode, can be a useful ally for small and medium-sized companies, which notoriously do not have many economic resources. In fact, entering an important sector, such as that of 3D printing, can have a considerable cost, especially when it comes to finding someone to design the objects to be produced. The 3D printable model search engine is a great alternative that's fast, easy, and most importantly, affordable for SMBs.