Police warns: new wave of messages empties bank account

Postal Police launches the alarm against message scams to steal money from bank account and credit card. It is not alarmism but it is the latest press release of the Italian Postal Police, letter by letter and all capitalized: “WARNING: NEW WAVE OF SMISHING/PHISHING”. What is it about? It’s the umpteenth phishing and smishing campaign, … Read more

How to use Instagram Statistical Data

What are Instagram Insights (Statistical Data), how to view them, what is their function and how to use them to improve your profile. Instagram is like a garden to be cultivated, starting from scratch, just you, the soil, the sky and a lot of good will. Passion, dedication and commitment are the key words to … Read more

Japan’s Pepper robot will have its own online app store

SoftBank Robotics is about to launch a platform to develop apps for its humanoid robot and, after Japan, sets off to conquer Europe The Pepper robot, in the near future, will be able to perform many more tasks than it does today such as, for example, keeping an eye on the house when the owners … Read more