Windows 10, how to fix all the problems with the latest update

Users are reporting several problems with the Windows 10 May Update. Here’s what you need to do to fix them The May Update, the first semi-annual Windows 10 update for 2020, has not yet been downloaded and installed by all users but already several problems are being reported . Like every big and small update … Read more

Vodafone down on October 3, 2018, what we know

Since the very early morning thousands of users have been reporting that Vodafone has no reception. The reason still remains unknown, but it’s possible to make some reliable assumptions. It wasn’t a good wake-up call today for Vodafone users (and, by extension, also for Ho Mobile users). Since the very early morning of today, October … Read more

The smartphone apocalypse will happen in January 2038

The problem has a name: “Year 2038 bug,” an error that will prevent computers, cell phones and other electronic devices from calculating time You don’t always need to be a visionary to make reliable predictions. You just need to look at the reality of the facts. That’s what Mikko Hypponen, a researcher at F-Secure, a … Read more