The scientific basis of the “5-second rule”

How long can a food stay on the ground and be eaten? The 5-second rule finally explained by science We have all heard it invoked at least once: the “rule” that if a food touches the ground for less than 3, 5 or 10 seconds, germs and bacteria would not have time to contaminate it. … Read more

3 series to watch if you’re a Sex and the City fan

Female series have always been a huge success among the public: here are some titles to watch if you loved the story of Carrie and her group of friends. Sex and the City is one of the most famous American TV series of the last twenty years: it aired, first on HBO and then worldwide, … Read more

Verizon and Yahoo agree on acquisition discount

The purchase will happen. Verizon and Yahoo confirm $350 million discount – due to a series of hacker attacks – and will change its name to Altaba Verizon will pay for Yahoo!’s core businesses $4.48 billion, instead of the expected $4.83 billion. The transaction includes the web activities – e-mail, search engine, messaging services and … Read more

Come utilizzare le funzioni di Android Accessibility Suite

Grazie all’applicazione Android Accessibility Suite anche le persone affette da disabilità possono utilizzare appieno lo smartphone e tutte le sue funzioni. Android Accessibility Suite è andato completamente a sostituire TalkBack, ma si tratta semplicemente di una versione più aggiornata, la cui principale differenza sta nel nome. In questo articolo vedremo quali sono le principali funzioni … Read more