Galaxy A7 2018 official: triple camera and four colors

Samsung is about to launch on the market its first smartphone with three rear cameras, here’s how the Galaxy A7 will look like in the 2018 version You’re thinking that the Samsung Galaxy S10+, on the launch ramp in the first weeks of January 2019, will be the first phone from the South Korean company … Read more

Why WhatsApp is not working

WhatsApp is not working? Are you unable to receive messages? Here’s what to do when WhatsApp won’t let you send messages WhatsApp won’t let you send messages and you can’t even receive your friends’ messages? Are you panicking and thinking why WhatsApp is not working? It may be, but before drawing easy conclusions you need … Read more

Online privacy, young people also share passwords

According to Kaspersky, there are many users who freely share their personal information on the Internet. Young people are the age group most at risk Experts have been saying this for years. Sharing personal data online is very risky. Yet, despite the warnings and the many cases of data theft, the number of users who … Read more