Why WhatsApp is not working

WhatsApp is not working? Are you unable to receive messages? Here's what to do when WhatsApp won't let you send messages

WhatsApp won't let you send messages and you can't even receive your friends' messages? Are you panicking and thinking why WhatsApp is not working? It may be, but before drawing easy conclusions you need to check some features of your device. If WhatsApp doesn't let you send messages, the fault isn't always with the application, it may depend on some settings on your smartphone that block the messaging app from working.

To make WhatsApp work you don't have to be a computer expert, very often you just need to activate a setting or change an option on your smartphone to get back to receiving messages from your friends. In most cases it only takes five minutes to get back to using WhatsApp. Unfortunately, there is bad news: it does not always depend on your smartphone. It may happen that WhatsApp does not work because of the servers that host the application. In these cases (and it happens quite often) you just have to wait for the technicians to fix the problem and the servers will work again. Here is what to do when WhatsApp is down.

Check your Internet connection

If you cannot send WhatsApp messages, the cause may be very simple: you are not connected to the Internet. Before you call all your friends and ask them if WhatsApp is not working for them as well, check the data connection of your smartphone.

On Android smartphones, go to Settings, click on "Wi-Fi & Internet" and then on "SIM & Network". In the new window that will open, activate the option "Mobile data".

If you have an iPhone, you must go into Settings, press on "Mobile" and activate the data connection. Once this step is completed, you'll go back to receiving messages from your friends.

Check your Wi-Fi connection

Another factor that doesn't allow you to receive WhatsApp messages is the absence of a Wi-Fi connection. Without Internet, it is impossible to use the instant messaging application.

To check if Wi-Fi is active, on Android you have to go to Settings, then to "Wi-Fi & Internet" and activate the checkmark next to the "Wi-Fi" item.

For iPhones, the procedure to follow is slightly different: go to Settings, press on the Wi-Fi item and activate the checkmark on the page that will open. Once the Wi-Fi connection is established, you will be able to send messages on WhatsApp.

Update application

If the data connection is active and Wi-Fi is also working properly, the problem may be with the WhatsApp application. What to do in such cases? Update the app to the latest version available. It may happen that you are using an old version of WhatsApp that conflicts with your smartphone.

To update WhatsApp just go into the Google Play Store or App Store and access the updates section. Check if a new version of WhatsApp is available and if so, install it.

Turn your smartphone off and on

If none of the previous solutions worked, try very simply turning your smartphone off and on again. In many cases this is an effective solution: WhatsApp will work again immediately.

The WhatsApp servers are down

If WhatsApp is not working, the servers that host the application may be to blame. It happens very often that WhatsApp servers create problems and go down. In these cases there is no trick to get WhatsApp working again, you just have to wait for Facebook technicians to solve the server problems. Usually it's just a few minutes, but if the problems are serious WhatsApp may not work for hours. 

To check the status of WhatsApp servers just go to downdetector.com, a portal that collects reports from users when WhatsApp does not work.