Google Calendar is not working, what’s happening

Google Calendar is down and not allowing users to access their calendar. As of 5:00 pm on June 18, 2019, Google Calendar is not working: those who try to access the service via their Google account are shown a white page with the words "Not Found - Error 404". It is not known the reasons that led to the down of Google Calendar, but surely the technicians are working to solve the inefficiency.

For thousands of people who use Google Calendar as a personal agenda, these are complicated moments. Notifications alerting you to the start of a meeting don't work either. There are no problems, however, with other Google services: Gmail, Google Docs, Maps, are all fully functional. As well as the Google Calendar application for smartphones. The problem, therefore, concerns only the web app available on the computer. Google technicians are surely working to solve the problem: follow the story and we'll keep you updated in the next hours.

Google calendar doesn't work: what does the 404 error mean

Although from the secret rooms of Mountain View there's still no news about the causes of the problem, it's possible to make some operative hypothesis. The error shown by the web application of Big G, in fact, gives us enough elements to try to understand what is happening in these minutes to Google Calendar. The 404 error, probably the most common of the various HTTP protocol error codes, indicates that a web resource is not available because it has moved position (i.e. it is not at the address you type in) or because it has been deleted.

Why, then, is Google Calendar displaying the 404 error? There are two possible hypotheses: a system error (or perhaps a human error) has caused a change to the URL of the web application, making it unreachable; infrastructural problems are making the servers that host the Google Calendar database temporarily inaccessible, thus preventing users from accessing it.

Whatever the cause, however, it is very likely that Google's technicians are already at work to solve the problem as quickly as possible and thus give users the chance to check their online calendar without too many headaches.