Alfredino: Una storia italiana, where to watch the series about little Alfredo Rampi

The TV series starring Anna Foglietta and Francesco Acquaroli tells the drama of Vermicino. Here is the release date, plot and cast

Alfredino Rampi fell into that cursed artesian well about 60 meters deep on June 10, 1981. After three days of useless rescue attempts, the child died. The event shook the public opinion enormously, also because the event was, for the first time, at the center of a RAI live broadcast that lasted 18 hours and kept the public glued to the TV with the hope of seeing the child alive again.

The lack of organization and the difficulties of intervention in such situations, then led to the birth of a special body, the Civil Protection. That of Alfredo Rampi is an Italian drama, which is still known as the Vermicino Incident. Sky has decided to make the first product focused on this event so important and tragic chronicle of our country. The title will be Alfredino: an Italian story. In the cast several Italian actors, including Francesco Acquaroli and Anna Foglietta.

Alfredino: una storia italiana, la trama

The TV series, written by Barbara Petronio and Francesco Balletta, is composed of 4 episodes directed by Marco Pontecorvo. It retraces the events related to the accident that involved Alfredino Rampi, a 6 years old Roman child.

It will talk about the desperate attempts to save him and other events that marked those dramatic days. The mini-series wants to tell the event without leaving out details so that the public can know or rework the national drama, still alive in the minds of many people. The story of Alfredo Rampi was important for our country because it gave impetus to the birth of the Civil Protection, a special body for the management of accidents and natural disasters. Moreover, thanks to Alfredino's mother, the Alfredo Rampi Center was also born with the aim of preventing such accidents.

Alfredino: una storia italiana, la cast

Franca Rampi, Alfredino's mother, is played by Anna Foglietta (Perfetti Sconosciuti, La mafia uccide solo d'estate). Next to her, Francesco Acquaroli (Smetto quando voglio, Suburra - la serie) in the role of Elveno Pastorelli, commander of the Fire Brigade. In the cast we also find Vinicio Marchioni, in the role of Nando Broglio, the fireman who spoke to Alfredino and tried to keep him company during the dramatic hours.

Luca Angeletti is Ferdinando Rampi, Beniamino Marcone is Marco Faggioli, one of the firemen who rushed to the scene of the accident. There is also Giacomo Ferrara (Suburra) as Maurizio Monteleone, a speleologist who tries to descend into the well to save the child.

Valentina Romani is instead the geologist Laura Bortolani; Daniele La Leggia (Gli equilibristi) is Tullio Bernabei, the first speleologist to descend into the well. Completing the cast are Riccardo De Filippis and Massimo Dapporto, who will play the role of President of the Republic Sandro Pertini.

The TV series Alfredino Rampi: una storia italiana

The TV series will be divided into two episodes, coming June 21 and 28 on Sky Cinema and streaming on NOW.