Telegram, new version improves privacy and search between chats

The new version of Telegram has arrived. The app update introduces many new features for privacy and search between chats. Check out the new features

There is great anticipation for the new version of Telegram. Its arrival has been announced on the company's official blog, where all the new features have been revealed, one by one. The features to discover are many and designed to improve both privacy and usability of chats. With the upgrade, Telegram takes a step forward to steal ground from its archrival, WhatsApp.

Between the new features stands out the anonymous forwarding that allows you to omit the author of a message forwarded in another chat. This ensures that people can better manage the spread of news. Another great new feature is the ability to delete messages that have already been sent, either in your own thread or in the recipient's. However, Telegram also thinks about usability and improves internal search, involving GIFs and emoji as well. In short, the new features are many and designed to meet all the needs of users.

New Telegram version: new features for privacy

As announced by Telegram, the update will manage to meet the needs of a large segment of users, especially those who care about their privacy. In fact, people will have more control over the forwarded messages of which they are authors. Before, when you forwarded a message, the name of the author would appear, but now you can choose to remain anonymous by selecting the appropriate item in Settings. So now people will not be able to use the Forward function as evidence against the authors of a message, because the "From" field will be obscured. The privacy-side restrictions will also affect the ability to choose which contacts can see the profile photo. It is now viewable to the entire address book.

Not only that, as it happens on WhatsApp, also on Telegram it will be possible to delete all the messages already sent, both from your own chat and from the recipient's one. The messages will disappear completely, leaving no trace. This is an evolution of the feature Delete introduced two years ago. Until now, in fact, it was possible to delete messages within 48 hours of sending and only from your own thread. Now you can delete them all.

Telegram: improves search between chats and more

Another aspect that Telegram has improved is related to internal search. First of all, with the new version you can more easily find a feature within the Settings section. Also, you will be able to easily find answers to the so-called FAQ, the most frequently asked questions by users. This feature will be especially useful for newbies.

New features also affect the search for emoji and GIFs, which can now be found by typing a keyword. Users will also be able to flag a term in their own language if it is not present in the suggestions. For example, by typing "laugh" on the search bar, all emoji that correspond to this action will appear. GIFs can also be found with this method, and it will be possible to preview the chosen one by holding it down. In short, Telegram never stops improving and does so in accordance with the needs and requirements of its users.