What’s going on between Musk and Bezos, endless quarrel between the super billionaires of the space

Tribunals, mockery, competition: between the two fly pieces, except when there are to pay taxes. Between Musk and Bezos the quarrel is endless: courts and mockery on social media.

Jeff Bezos doesn't seem to have much to complain about. Blue Origin's space expeditions have been a success - the last one even took Star Trek's Captain Kirk into space - while Amazon, one of the world's most successful companies, is worth $1,600 billion.

And yet Bezos isn't number one in everything. For example, he is the second richest man in the world. And he has been so for a short time, since Elon Musk overtook him in the ranking of the super rich drawn up by the media company, specialized in the financial field, Bloomberg.

Musk's mockery travels in memes on social networks

The acceptance of a silver medal, once in a while in life, should not upset Jeff Bezos much, yet the irritation of the former number one of Amazon seems irrepressible. To the point that, several times, it has been possible to read it between the lines of what he has said or done. Of course, Musk does not make the task of acceptance any easier for him. And he doesn't miss the opportunity, for example on social networks, to post in the comments to the statuses of the billionaire silver medals with the number 2, as an everlasting memory of those who have the greatest wealth.

Fucking, competition, diatribes that sometimes take the road of the court. The relationship between the two paperons is not idyllic and is united only by a shared dislike of taxes.

Bezos takes SpaceX and Starlink to court, Musk retorts ironically

NASA awarded SpaceX, Musk's space company, a contract to build a lunar landing module, worth $2.9 billion. To Bezos, who was participating in the race with Blue Origin, the defeat did not go down well. He therefore went to court and sent a letter to NASA. "If I were him, I would waste less time with the magistrates and dedicate myself to trying to put my rockets into orbit," Musk replied to him, aware that SpaceX's technology is much more advanced than Blue Origin's.

In front of the judges there ended up, again at the hands of Bezos, also Musk's Starlink satellite constellation. "Since he is no longer CEO of Amazon - replied the head of Tesla - Jeff's hobby is to denounce SpaceX". Neither of them, however, breathed a word when it came to not paying taxes. Thanks to accounting tricks, both in 2007 and 2011, Bezos has not paid a single euro in income tax. The same was true for Musk, in 2018.

Giuseppe Giordano