A startup wants to make us immortal: among the backers Jeff Bezos

It's called Altos Labs and wants to reverse the process of cellular aging. The search for eternal life can count (also) on Jeff Bezos.

While waiting for the 11 year old genius who wants to make us immortal or for the app that aims to make people live forever to be developed, Jeff Bezos will speed up the research process thanks to which man is trying to "win a chess game with a foregone conclusion" (the metaphor comes naturally from a famous film about death).

There is also research showing how long a human being can live at most, but it seems that the founder of Amazon, currently working on Blue Origin's space missions, and Silicon Valley in general, are actually obsessed with eternal life: it's as if a century and a half of existence, for these entrepreneurs, is not enough at all.

So here's what we're talking about when we talk about the startup that's trying to defeat death with the help of its wealthy backers.

What is it and what does the startup that wants to defeat death

It's called Altos Labs and, since it was founded in early 2021, it's been recruiting very famous scientists that it says it can pay as much as a million euros for. How does Altos Labs intend to put a team of brains and science superstars to work? The aim is to slow down and conveniently reverse the process of cellular aging, the underlying reason why humans age and then die.

The backers include Jeff Bezos, who is in the company of Yuri Milner, a Russian-born billionaire whose fortune, like that of the former Amazon CEO, comes from the world of technology. It even seems that the idea of the futuristic startup was born in Palo Alto, in the villa of Milner, who is also passionate about medicine, during a summit of experts and potential financiers.

How much does the patrimony of Altos Labs amount to

The objective of the newborn company is the development of a technology capable of biologically reprogramming cells, reversing the aging process. At this point, human life would be prolonged.

The Altos Labs fortune would already be equal to 227 million euros. The company would also have opened an office in the United Kingdom and would be hunting for laboratories in Japan, San Diego and Cambridge.

Giuseppe Giordano