WhatsApp changes: here’s how we’ll search in chats

WhatsApp will introduce a new advanced search mode that will allow you to find images, videos, links and documents shared with your friends

For WhatsApp, it's been a crackling start to 2019. Developers are working to add new features within the application that will soon arrive on the official version. We have already talked about the "dark mode" and the new feature that will put a stop to WhatsApp groups. Now programmers are focusing their efforts on an advanced search mode that will allow you to more easily find multimedia content shared by your friends.

The feature will be released shortly on the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS and shortly after will also arrive on the Android beta version. The indiscretion comes from the guys at WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that is always very informed about WhatsApp updates. The advanced search will simplify the lives of users allowing not only to do the classic text search (already present on the application), but also to find images, videos, GIFs, links, voice notes and documents. This is a real revolution that will allow you to make better use of WhatsApp.

How to do advanced search on WhatsApp

As you know, WhatsApp already allows users to do a text search within chats. Just launch the application, press the icon with the magnifying glass and type the search key. WhatsApp will show all the chats where the words we entered are present.

The advanced search will not replace this search mode, but it will be one more feature offered to the user. The operation is very simple. When you have to perform a search, six different icons will appear on the screen: photo, video, GIF, link, document and voice note. By selecting one of the icons, WhatsApp will show a list with all the multimedia content shared in the chats. Example. Clicking on the Photos item, a list will appear with the preview of images shared with friends and clicking on a photo will access the chat.

In addition to the advanced search, WhatsApp will introduce a feature that will show the last text searches made.

Advanced WhatsApp search: when it will be available

In the coming weeks, the feature will be released in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. If the tests are successful, the advanced search will be made available for all users. It will be necessary to wait at least another month.