Call of Duty is not working, what’s happening

Since 3pm on October 1, Call of Duty Mobile is not working and not allowing players to access their profile. Here's what's happening

As of today, Call of Duty Mobile, a title highly anticipated by the fan community, is available for free download. The game, however, is having problems: since the early afternoon Call of Duty is down. Most of the title of the franchise does not allow you to play online. The new video game, however, is stuck at the home screen without allowing players to access their personal profile.

The game has been a success since the first minutes, with dozens and dozens of downloads from the Google Play Store and App Store. But the problem that arose this afternoon is compromising its day one. Call of Duty Mobile doesn't work and no player can play and login. On, a portal that collects users' complaints when a service doesn't work, hundreds of users have reported in the last hours. Technicians at Activision, the software house that develops the game, are surely working to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Why Call of Duty Mobile isn't working

The causes of the Call of Duty Mobile downtime are unknown. Probably the overload of requests due to the video game's release has brought problems to the game's servers. Activision, publisher of the title, for the moment has not released any statement, we will see if in the coming hours will publish a note online. For the moment, the launch of Call of Duty Mobile is very problematic.

With Call of Duty Mobile, the software house hoped to repeat the success achieved by other online shooters and increase its fan base. But if it's a good day, there will be a lot of work to do, especially to make the servers more stable. We'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.

Update 8:45pm. Call of Duty Mobile is back up and running.