Why WhatsApp message time is wrong

WhatsApp shows wrong message time and last login time? There are several reasons, here's how to fix it

It can often happen that the time of outgoing messages from WhatsApp is wrong. There are many reasons for this. For example, there could be problems with the date/time system set on your phone, with the time zone or with the app's synchronization. All these difficulties are surmountable, you just need to know the right procedures.

In its official website, WhatsApp explains how to fix this error and offers a procedure designed for each device: Android, Apple and Windows Phone. The latter can be applied, not only for problems related to messages, but also when you realize that the last login time is wrong. How to read the exit time from the app? It's very easy: you can look at it quietly by opening your profile, where various account-related information is available.

WhatsApp: fix wrong time messages

Why does WhatsApp show wrong message times? First of all, if you still see the chat, the problem is probably related to the synchronization with your phone and not to the app itself. If there was a problem related to the app malfunctioning, a specific alert would be sent when it starts. Within the message a malfunction is communicated. The app may even ask to be reinstalled.

The first step is to check the time and time zone configuration of the phone, in order to synchronize it with those provided by the web. If the messaging app continues to provide you with out-of-date times, then it might be related to a network problem, so you need to contact your mobile operator: only he can solve it. Another reason is that your time zone is set incorrectly.

How to set your phone's time zone?

If you see the wrong WhatsApp time, you may want to correct the time zone by hand, making sure it is correct for your location. In Italy, there is a time zone called CET (Central European Time) which is denoted by UTC +1. However, in the summer months, when you move the clock forward by one hour, you switch from UTC +1 to UTC+2 and from CET, our country becomes CEST (Central European Summer Time).

So in the summer you need to set the time zone to UTC +2. By setting UTC+1 you risk to have the wrong time because it would correspond to the United Kingdom. Based on this, the time of your smartphone and WhatsApp messages might be wrong. You need to check that you have set this data correctly.

How to change the time zone in a smartphone?

The procedure to set the time zone changes depending on the type of smartphone.

For example, if you have an Android, you need to go to Phone Settings, then go to System and finally to Date and Time. Here you can manually set the date.

On iPhone, the entries are slightly different. The path to follow is as follows: Settings > General > Date & Time. Users using a Windows Phone phone, need to access Settings and then go to time+language and then date+time. By working on these aspects, the messaging app will no longer give time issues.