Buy a piece of Mars online: now it’s a reality

A collective of scientists and engineers are convinced it's a great deal: buy a piece of Mars online, now it's a reality thanks to NFTs.

Mars is never ending. First of all, because the aims of a billionaire point precisely to the Red Planet. We are talking, of course, of Elon Musk, who recently took a big step towards the conquest of our "space neighbor" with the vertical landing of a rocket, Starship, intended for galactic exploration. To make speak, also the declarations of the "romantic" of turn, that has escorted the life in some photos taken on the surface of Mars, under form of mushrooms. Finally, the rocky desert of the fourth planet of the solar system is less and less "desert". Because even China has successfully landed its rover, immortalizing the feat in a cute and tender "selfie".

What happened this time?

How to buy a piece of Mars on the internet

We are talking about the NFT technology, able to release to the buyer a certificate, validated via blockchain, able to certify the possession of an original file reproducible, by its nature, indefinitely (think of the duplication of an image on the desktop, for example).

Well, in the frenzy that has characterized this innovative and who knows how reliable computer tool has also ended Mars. The surface of which can be purchased in the form of non-fungible tokens. The program is called Mars Genesis and divides the surface of the homonymous planet into 10 thousand plots of land. The platform dedicated to this unusual commercial activity catalogs each lot as if it were a card. That includes, inside, indications regarding the temperature, the possibility that there are traces of water, etc.. Everything is put up for auction. But beware, it is not clear how much the purchase of one of these cards actually entitles the buyer to exercise his possession on the lot purchased.

How much does a plot of land on the Red Planet cost

The sellers, who introduced themselves as "a collective of astrophysicists, artists, engineers scientists and blockchain experts", are however convinced that it is a good deal. "We will remain anonymous for now," the founders let it be known, "but we will reveal ourselves when humanity takes its first steps on Mars. Trusting anonymous certainly does not seem the safest of investments, but take home a piece of Mars for a price ranging from 216 to 730 euros is definitely an attractive idea. Even if only to tell it to the friends.

Giuseppe Giordano