DAZN, problems during Sassuolo – Inter. What’s happening

Another problems for the online platform: during the streaming of Sassuolo - Inter and Parla - Udinese the live stream continuously freezes

Another problematic evening for DAZN, the new online platform that exclusively broadcasts 114 matches of the Seria A 2018-2019. Yesterday, during the Lazio-Napoli match, many users have reported problems: the live stream was blocked and the streaming restarted automatically every two-three minutes. All the problems arose during the second half of the match. DAZN has tried to apologize by blaming the high number of requests for subscription received during the match.

But it is not like that. Just go to Twitter and read the messages posted by users. All angry about not being able to see the matches without slowdowns or restarts of the streaming. Tonight there are two matches broadcasted by DAZN: Parma - Udinese and Sassuolo - Inter. And most of the reports are about this last match, which has drawn the attention of all Inter fans, among the most numerous in Italy.

Why DAZN has problems

Slowdowns in the live broadcast of the match, restarts of the live broadcast, streaming that hangs, poor picture quality. These are the problems that users are reporting in these minutes on Twitter. DAZN does not seem to work at its best and especially the live broadcast of Sassuolo - Inter is being penalized. The causes of the problems are probably the same as yesterday: too many users connected at the same time on the platform and too many subscription requests. The DAZN servers are struggling to handle all the requests and are unable to manage the live stream of the matches. We will see if, like last night, the situation will normalize during the evening.

What is DAZN

DAZN is an online platform that exclusively broadcasts 114 Serie A matches. The service is owned by Perform, a multinational leader in the television rights sector. The operation of DAZN is similar to that of Netflix: you pay a monthly subscription and you have access to all content on the platform. To enrich its offer, DAZN has also acquired the rights to the Serie B, the Spanish La Liga and Ligue 1. DAZN is compatible with (almost) all electronic devices and the subscription costs 9.99 euros per month (with the first month free).