Digmine, the virus that generates cryptocurrencies present on Facebook

A virus is spreading on Messenger to generate Monero: it hides behind a video file sent by our friends. How to defend yourself

Researchers from Trend Micro have discovered a new virus that is spreading through the Facebook Messenger platform and tries to use users' computers to generate Monero, an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin. It is a devious malware that hides inside the PC and leaves no traces.

His name is Digmine and the spread started from South Korea. In a short time it has contaminated thousands of computers in Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Venezuela. And now it is starting to arrive in Europe as well, due to the lack of attention from users. The platform chosen by hackers to spread it is Facebook Messenger: the virus hides behind a video file that is sent to users by their friends (already infected by the malware). For hackers, the cryptocurrency market has become of paramount importance to finance the development of new viruses and ransomware. According to data from IBM Managed Security Services in 2017, viruses that undermine cryptocurrency increased sixfold over the past year. And in the coming months, the market will continue to grow even more.

How the Digmine virus works

According to Trend Micro researchers, the virus spreads through Facebook's Messenger. Digmine hides inside a video that is sent to users through the instant messaging platform. The infection begins the moment users click on the file. Instead of downloading the movie, the user downloads the malware that automatically installs itself in the background. As is the case with most cryptocurrency-generating viruses, Digmine undermines Monero. If the user has an automatic Facebook login, the malware sends the video to all friends so that it spreads as quickly as possible. According to the researchers, Digmine was developed not only to generate Moneros, but also to steal users' data. A dual function that makes it very dangerous.

How to defend yourself against Digmine virus

As soon as the first cases were reported, Facebook immediately tried to curb the phenomenon and removed most of the links that invited to download the movie. But we can't say for sure that Digmine has been defeated.

To defend yourself from the virus you need to follow some simple rules: never click on "strange" links that your friends send you and you need to install an antivirus. By scanning it you will be able to find out if you are infected by Digmine and you will be able to eliminate it from your computer.